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Encryption of Data

Bills, preliminary documents

Encryption: Challenges for criminal justice in relation to the use of encryption - future steps - progress report, Council document 14711/16 of 2016-11-22 (de en)

German-French letter concerning cooperation between law enforcement agencies and electronic communication service providers, Council document 14001/16 of 2016-11-06 (en)

Strategic Seminar "Keys to Cyberspace" Eurojust, The Hague, 2 June 2016 Outcome Report, Council document 13982/16 of 2016-11-03 (en)

Encryption of data - Questionnaire, Council document 12368/16 of 2016-09-19 (en)

Topics affected by this act:

Criminal Procedure LawInvestigation measures

CrimesComputer crimes

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