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Legal notice, Sources

The database eurocrim is a non-commercial service provided for research purposes.

Legal notice

Only European Legislation printed in the paper / contained in the official electronic edition of the Official Journal of the European Union is deemed authentic. Only the texts of judgments, orders etc. of the Court of Justice published in the official sources (Reports, European Court Report, Official Journal) are deemed authentic. We cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for documents and other data stored in our database, as well as for any omissions in this database. Similarily, we do not take any responsibility for links to external pages.

Data Protection

During normal operations, we do neither store your complete IP address nor other personal data unless you insert it into our search fields (which is not meant to be used for that purpose).

As a precaution against technical problems and to supervise the proper functioning of this service, some data (which is not personal data) will be stored and analyzed (first 20 of 32 bits of IPv4 address or first 44 of 128 bits of IPv6 address (masked IP address), time of access, browser configuration, URL which may include search terms).

In case of reasonable suspicion that this IT system is being misued, the full IP address of all users may be stored extraordinarily in furtherance of resolving such misuse. This information will be preserved for a duration of one week.


OJ, COM, SEC, IGC, CONSLEG, Council Documents, ECJ documents: European Union ( ). The exact source is noted in the database entries. Copyright holder of the documents is, if not noted otherwise, the European Union.

About us

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